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Beware Of The Digital Gatekeeper

The Digital Gatekeeper

Let’s go back only a few short years ago to the time the world was inhabited by paper instead of ones and zeros.

Before the digital age it was pretty darn simple to figure out what assets people had even if they didn’t want to share.

Why? Because people had things like bills, account statements, receipts, photo albums, and paper documents. Go through their desk, the pile of papers in the kitchen, the boxes in the attic, and the photo albums in the living room, and you were set. Even if you were left a little in the dark about everything, people used something called the US Postal Service. Sooner or later the tax bill for the summer place in Montana would show up in the mail, and voila! – Uncle Bill had a place in Montana…wow. Good thing we figured that out.

Fast forward just a bit, and I’m sure you recognize that we live in a world of unprecedented technological innovation.

We carry phones that allow us to communicate with people around the globe. Immense amounts of information are accessible to us in an instant. We can store thousands of photographs on devices no larger than our thumbs. We carry our music collections in our pockets. By the time we receive our morning newspaper, the headlines are already old news. We instantly share what we just ate for lunch in our favorite restaurant with hundreds of our friends.

Pretty cool. Technology has become so ubiquitous that we barely seem to notice it. We don’t even need to think about it. Even cooler. And if you are still doubting how prevalent the online world has become, check out these amazing internet statistics and these insane stats for the top social media and online platforms.

There’s a ten-thousand pound elephant in the room with you that you’re ignoring at your peril.

The elephant is the gatekeeper to your digital stuff and your digital life. And he wears numerous hats, all designed to befuddle and confuse even the most diehard technology buffs and newbies alike.

He protects you and puts you at risk. He stores and he shares. He chooses what to see and what to hide. He makes it easy to get your stuff and he makes it difficult. He can even make it impossible. He’s organized and messy. He’s on the ball and negligent. He’s efficient and sloppy. He reads and he ignores. He’s chatty and he’s silent.  He preserves for the future and he hides forever.  He knows what you have and what you don’t. And sometimes he doesn’t have a clue. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what he does. And sometimes it doesn’t even matter he wants. Sometimes only his rules matter whether you like it or not. But you need him desperately because he is the digital master of location, access, and control.

He’s the biggest problem you’ve ever faced.  He’s frequently someone else, and more often than not, he’s even YOU.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more about how you can protect yourself with a digital asset plan.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
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